2017 has been one of the most fun and happiest times for all of us at New York Broadway Tours. We want to give a special thank you to all of those who came out to NYC this year that took our guided walking tours. We are so happy we’re able to show you around and the history of the neighborhood we call home.

2018 is going to be a really exciting year for us as well for Broadway indeed. Cannot wait to share all of the new exciting adventures ahead for us. There’s an expansion for us here coming your way so stay tuned.

For those who plan to come to NYC in 2018, we cannot wait to you around THE GREATEST CITY IN THE WORLD. For those who have come on our tours before and plan to return, we cannot wait to show you more.

Happy New Year!! Wishing you all happiness, health, and excitement to come this year.

Love from
Amada and Michael
-New York Broadway Tours head and licensed tour guides

P.S. Here’s a familiar show tune to get us in the mood of celebrating life and the year ahead.

The music video for the wildly popular hit, Seasons of Love, by the cast of rent.

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