As previously announced Tarran Killam is joining the Broadway cast of Hamilton: An American Musical as the new King George this January.

Besides well known for his work on Saturday Night Live, Killam started out really young and was well known for appearing on the Nickelodeon classic The Amanda Show (starring a clean Amanda Bynes). On the show, it featured a variety of sketch comedy, One of those sketches spoofed teen dramas and soap operas in a comical way entitled MOODY’S POINT (basically a parody of Dawson’s Creek). In the skit, Killam played Spaulding, a quirky young man who secretly has a crush on Moody and always filled with bad luck (Bynes).

There were only 7 episodes of the sketch that aired during show, The last episode featured a cliff hanger. Here are all the 7 episodes.

Get ready to laugh.

I was tired of not being able to find this on Youtube, so I compiled all the episodes of Moody’s Point from the Amanda show! Enjoy!! 🙂

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