With Beetlejuice The Musical officially beginning Broadway previews tonight, the show will also be doing a really interesting all new unique IN-PERSON LOTTERY policy.

Every Tuesday during preview performances (starting April 2nd, 2019) outside the Winter Garden Theatre, join the show's star Tony nominee Alex Brightman (yup, he plays "Beetlejuice" himself) and members of the cast for a lottery incorporated with a Beetlejuice trivia game show. It is perfectly entitled IT'S (GAME) SHOWTIME.

Every Tuesday the lottery will open at 5pm, and at 5:30pm, two lucky lottery entrants will be chosen to compete in a game show based on all things Beetlejuice.

The winner will receive a pair of tickets to that evening's performance of the show and the runner-up will have the chance to purchase two specially priced $33.33 tickets for the performance.

At the conclusion of the game show, an additional 14 names for $33.33 tickets to that evening's performance will be revealed. Entrees 2 per person.

How cool is this?

BEETLEJUICE Announces IT’S (GAME) SHOWTIME! Weekly Live Game Show And Ticket Lottery

BEETLEJUICE on Broadway announced today that every Tuesday during preview performances lucky fans will have a chance to win a weekly lottery for specially priced $33.33 tickets. But they'll have to put their trivia skills to the test first!

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