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IT’S SHOWTIME!! Everyone’s favorite troublemaking bio-exorcist is back for revenge on the Great Bright Way!!! We are so happy announce that the smash hit musical adaptation of the hit Tim Burton classic Beetlejuice will be coming back to Broadway Spring 2022!!!!
Under the direction of 2 time Tony nominee Alex Timbers and choreography by Connor Gallagher, Beetlejuice will this time be haunting Broadway’s Marquis Theatre. The show is set to open there on April 8th, 2022.
For those who may not know, BEETLEJUICE is a musical adaptation of the beloved 1988 film of the same name. It tells the hilarious spooky tale of a deceased couple…. now ghosts….trying to scare away a new family that moves into their now-vacant home. For help they reach out to an obnoxious, devious, rude, and perverted trickster ghost. However, if you want him…..all you have to do is say his name 3 TIMES!!! The show features an original score by Eddie Perfect and a book by Scott Brown and Anthony King. Songs written for the show include THE WHOLE BEING DEAD THING, DEAD MOM, NO REASON, INVISIBLE, SAY MY NAME, HOME, and more. It also features the 2 notable Harry Belafonte songs from the film…… DAY-O (THE BANANA BOAT SONG) and JUMP IN THE LINE (SHAKE, SENORA).
With the success of the original film which earned a huge creepy cult following, BEETLEJUICE was first in the early developments of making the jump from the screen to the Broadway stage back in 2016. It had 2 years of early development reading and workshop labs.
Following those labs, the show had its official world premiere at the National Theatre in our Nation’s Capitol of Washington D.C. in the Fall of 2018. It was well received by critics before it officially arrived in our New York City backyard spooking Broadway’s Winter Garden Theatre in the Spring of 2019. The show became an instant smash hit earning critical acclaim for the cast and the production (including its unbelievable onstage special effects).
Under the direction of Alex Timbers and choreographed by Connor Gallagher, the cast was led by…..
Tony nominee Alex Brightman as BEETLEJUICE,
Newcomer Sophia Anne Caruso (later Presley Ryan) as “Lydia Deetz”,
Tony nominee Rob McClure (later David Josefberg as “Adam Maitland”,
Tony nominee Kerry Butler as “Barbara Maitland”,
Leslie Kritzer as “Delia Deetz”,
Adam Dannheisser as “Charles Deetz”,
Danny Rutigliano as “Maxie Dean”,
Jill Abramovitz in the dual roles of “Maxine Dean” and “Juno”,
Kelvin Moon Loh as “Otho”,
Dana Steingold as “Skye, The Girl Scout”.
The show was nominated for 8 Tony Awards in 2019 including BEST MUSICAL, BEST LEADING ACTOR IN A MUSICAL (for Alex Brightman), and BEST ORIGINAL SCORE. However, it lost all of its categories.
Depsite not winning, the success of their Tony performance had their ticket sales raising. It was playing to packed houses at the Winter Garden Theatre. However, the show was forced to move out for the upcoming Broadway revival of The Music Man in 2020. Originally slated to close June 2020, the show ended up being abruptly cut short and closed early due to the COVID-19 pandemic. BEETLEJUICE’s last show before Broadway was shutdown happened on March 10th, 2020 following a complete total of 393 performances.
The Creative Team have kept this plan a huge top secrect.
Meanwhile, BEETLEJUICE has been starting to wow audiences around the world. Most recently, the show launched its first production after Broadway in Seoul, Korea this past Summer.
We cannot wait to experience THE WHOLE BEING DEAD THING once again!!!
Who is excited?!!!
Mike Haber
Author: Mike Haber

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