Earlier today, the Broadway company of the hottest GIRL POWER show of them all SIX made their 2nd US Television performance appearance ever on The View. If you missed it this morning, here is Adrianna Hicks in the role of “Catherine of Aragon” and the Broadway QUEENS themselves performing the showstopping fan favorite….. NO WAY.
Along with Hicks, the other QUEENS in this video include….
Andrea Macasaet as “Anne Boleyn”,
Abby Mueller as “Jane Seymour”,
Brittany Mack as “Anna of Cleves”,
Courtney Mack (u/s for Samantha Pauly) as “Katherine Howard”
Anna Uzele as “Catherine Parr”.
If you want to discover more about the other QUEENS, go see SIX now on Broadway at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre.
How ROYAL was that?!!

VIDEO: Watch the Cast of SIX Perform ‘No Way’ on THE VIEW (

Mike Haber
Author: Mike Haber

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