Last week, there was a report of a sicko man who was groping 4 teenagers outside the stage door of Broadway’s Broadhurst Theatre following a performance of Anastasia The Musical. He did it on Thursday (to a 15 year old girl) and then again this past Friday (to a 15, 16, and 19 year old girl).

It has just been reported that the creepy pig whose name is Hosny Elsayed (44 years old and works as a juice vendor) has been CAUGHT by the Police!!!. NYC Detectives recognized him from our very own Times Square, New York City area.


What a creepy pig indeed!!!

Cops bust man wanted for groping teens outside Broadway theater

A Manhattan man wanted for groping three out-of-town teens outside a Broadway theater was busted Monday, according to cops. Hosny Elsayed was arrested ?without incident? in Midtown where he works a?

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