In the history of Musical Theater, there have been so many great shows that have gone on to have legendary signature showtunes. However when its being developed for the New York stage, there is a sacrifice these creators have to take. Some songs may NOT fit with the story and a song has to be cut and replaced by a new song or an alternative scene.

One of those notable shows was the Tony & Pulitzer Prize winning rock musical Next to Normal. During its early development (under the original title FEELING ELECTRIC) and its world premiere Off Broadway run in 2008 at Second Stage Theater, Tom Kitt & Brian Yorkey had an original song that initially was the introduction to the lead role of "Diana Goodman" at the start of her emotionally wrecked journey with mental illness going out to the public & how the news breaks to her family. The song is basically set in a notable store we all know today and called…… Costco. It also goes by a nickname called MORE & MORE & MORE. It features "Diana' shopping for literally everything in the store before experiencing some horrific manic & crazy mental behavior in public before collapsing. At the end of the scene, husband "Dan Goodman" gets a call from the manager saying about his wife's behavior before sending her off to "Dr. Fine".

The COSTCO song was not well received by NEXT TO NORMAL's earliest Theatergoers. One of the earliest reviews of the show was panned by one Theater critic saying the entire production was very irresponsible about the message of treatment with bipolar disorder and for failing to strike the proper balance between pathos and comedy. In addition, the original script overall featured a internally confused plot (which even both critics and audience members have walked out at Intermission).

The creative team listened to the early reviews and the production went through many major changes in both the book and score including the elimination of the COSTCO song. The story was updated centering more of the emotions of The Goodman Family as they confront bitter truths.

Today in the musical, the audience discovers "Diana Goodman" at the start of her problems in the opening number JUST ANOTHER DAY. There, you see "Diana" making the lunches for "Dan", her rebellious angst daughter "Natalie", and her spiritual deceased son "Gabe". However, she does it all on the floor with all the bread spread out everywhere covering the full kitchen surface. "Dan" comes to her rescue and takes "Diana" to "Dr. Fine".

Here is the scene of COSTCO featuring Alice Ripley in her Tony Award winning performance as "Diana Goodman" along with the original Off Broadway cast.

Today, it has been performed in Tom Kitt & Brian Yorkey's various concerts sharing music from all their projects that have both made the final cut and were not in the production.

Who remembers this song?!!!

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