DID YOU KNOW: Before she wowed Broadway as Elphaba in WICKED The Musical, the title role in Brooklyn: The Musical, and the closing Maureen in Rent, Eden Espinosa got her start out performing in the LA Theme Parks (both Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood).

One of the shows Espinosa performed in was a mini musical version of Marvel’s Spider-Man (long before the controversial Spider-Man On Broadway) called SPIDER-MAN ROCKS. This show was as 30 minute version of the classic story of the famous superhero. It featured only a 6 person cast. To tell the story, they used 90’s / early 2000’s pop music throughout the show….these are songs you would not expect to hear in a Spider-Man show. It came out in 2002 (right after the Tobey Maguire film version came out) and ran till 2004. The reviews of the show were mixed. Critics were pleased with the special effects and the voices, However, they were not pleased with having using decent pop songs (like Ricky Martin’s She Bangs and J LO’s Let’s Get Loud) in the show.

When Espinosa was doing SPIDER-MAN ROCKS, she got discovered and was invited to audition for the workshop of BROOKLYN THE MUSICAL which she ended up getting and stayed with BROOKLYN till it’s Broadway closing back in the Summer 2005.

Here is a video of Espinosa in one of the performances of SPIDER-MAN ROCKS. She plays multiple roles including the Spider Lab tour guide. And wait till you see her dance moves back in the day.

PART 1:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Vgmd7eMFFw
PART 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6767NOX5kM

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