DID YOU KNOW: In the original 1991 Animated film version of Beauty and the Beast, the Broadway showstopper BE OUR GUEST originally was sung earlier in the film to the character of “Maurice” (Belle’s Father) when he first gets to the Beast’s castle.

One day, one of the head animators noticed that they made a huge mistake. They were singing to the wrong person. From there, the animators came to their senses and realized the Enchanted objects should be singing to “Belle”. The original animation was removed and was changed to later into the film re-storyboarding the song with “Belle” sitting at the table reacting in awe of the objects. In addition, Alan Menken and the late Howard Ashman teamed up rewriting some lyrics now that they’re singing to the girl. Plus Jerry Orbach, Dame Angela Lansbury, and the cast of actors all went back into the studio to record the new lyrics. It works perfectly she is the possible girl that could break the enchanted spell and fall in love with the Beast.

BE OUR GUEST today is still one of the best showstoppers in the entire movie and also in the Broadway stage adaptation of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. The song was 1 of 3 songs from the film that was nominated for a 1992 Oscar for Best Original Song. In addition, the films opening song BELLE was also nominated but it was the title song BEAUTY AND THE BEAST ended up winning that award.

The original “Maurice” animation has been found and you can see it right here.

How interesting is it seeing the objects singing to Belle’s Father?

DVD Release Date: October 8, 2002 VHS Release Date: October 8, 2002 ? Disney

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