SALAM and WELCOME BACK TO AGRABAH!! After 18 1/2 months stuck in the lamp, “The Genie” is free and ready to start granting your wishes again. Disney’s Award winning smash hit Aladdin is set to take the audience back into A WHOLE NEW WORLD once again tonight at Broadway’s legendary New Amsterdam Theatre.
It’s truly been an exciting month as the hottest musicals take ONE JUMP AHEAD reopening back on Broadway where it belongs.
Also be sure to tune into the Disney on Broadway TikTok this evening at 8pm EST. Tonight, fans will get to experience the musical’s spectacular, toe-tapping, and explosive showstopper FRIEND LIKE ME livestreamed from the historical re-opening ARABIAN NIGHT performance.
Break legs to the cast, crew, musicians, and creative team!!
Welcome Back Aladdin!!!!
Who is excited?!!!
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Mike Haber
Author: Mike Haber

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