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BREAKING NEWS: Disney’s smash hit Aladdin will resume performances this evening at Broadway’s New Amsterdam Theatre.
This announcement just came following a recent report of last night’s 2nd performance being cancelled due to COVID-19 cases rising at the longtime Disney smash hit musical.
The team at Disney on Broadway mentioned that their extensive protocol system in testing their employees and identify positive cases worked. It was able to allow them to act up immediately to contain those cases. Given the thoroughness of the COVID-19 protocols and a vaccinated workforce, the full company remains confident that the environment is safe for the full cast, crew, musicians, creative team, and the audience.
Members who work for Disney Theatrical‘s companies are required to be fully vaccinated. Within the last 24 hours, everyone was given 2 ROUNDS of COVID-19 testing…. consisting of one rapid PCR and one lab based-PCR which have shown no new breakthrough cases in the company of Aladdin.
We send our love, prayers, and thoughts to the company of ALADDIN. Have a safe and healthy show back tonight.
Everyone keep following those COVID-19 protocols.
Mike Haber
Author: Mike Haber

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