BREAKING NEWS: The COVID-19 Vaccines are coming out!! According to an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Dr. Anthony Fauci has mentioned that we can possible expect to be making our back to normalcy by this Fall 2021!!! His spirits are high especially with wanting to have Broadway & Live Theater back ASAP.

He hopes that by the time we get to a strong vaccine administration effort no later than April through the full Summer of 2021, we can expect to officially make our way back to normal.

Let's do this right NYC!!!
We want Broadway back ASAP!!!
We are anxious to start relaunching our Walking Tours again!!!


Dr. Fauci Has Hope That Theaters and Sporting Events Could Resume Sooner Than Planned

Dr. Anthony Fauci recently revealed that he has hope for the future of theaters and sporting events. With the COVID-19 vaccine rolling out, Dr. Fauci believes that such venues may be able to re-open sooner than initially anticipated.

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