Despite currently not being performed 8 times a week right now, the smash hit Award winning blockbuster WICKED has been making audiences DEFY GRAVITY within the past 17 years. With the show still a worldwide phenomenon, there will be people doing crazy parodies and appreciation to the show.

One of our personal favorite parodies happened a few years ago. WICKED's first fulltime Broadway replacement "Elphaba" herself Shoshana Bean gave the show a DRUNK BROADWAY makeover (inspired by the Comedy Central TV show DRUNK HISTORY). All you WICKED fans out there, get ready to hear this beloved BEWITCHING story like you've never heard it before. The Acts were spread out and filmed within a timing within 3 years. Act 1 was filmed in 2015 out in Chicago at the Royal Drury Lane Theatre (while Bean was performing in the Broadway bound musical adaptation of the film BEACHES) along with Act 2 filmed in 2018 in Los Angeles. In addition, some of the roles have been double casted for each act due to scheduling conflicts

Along with Bean serving as "The Narrator", it also features some familiar WICKED alumni and Broadway favorites taking on some of the notable roles including….

Eden Espinosa (WICKED's original standby and later fulltime replacement Green Girl on Broadway along with the 1st National Tour, the sit-down LA and San Francisco companies) as "Elphaba",

Tony nominee Megan Hilty (former standby turned fulltime replacement "Glinda" in the Broadway, the 1st National Tour, and Los Angeles companies),

Whitney Bashor as "The Wizard",

William Angulo (in Act 1) and Tony nominee Cheyenne jackson (in Act 2) as "Fiyero",

SIX favorite Samantha Pauly (in Act 1) and Tony nominee Keala Settle (in Act 2) as "Nessarose"),

and more.

Check it out below……

ACT 1:

ACT 2:

How hilariously THRILLIFYING was that?!!

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