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The cast of Jagged Little Pill.
ISN’T IT IRONIC?!!! The Tony and Grammy Award winning smash hit Jagged Little Pill is set to rebel once again on the Great Bright Way after 19 1/2 months. With the show reopening tonight at the Broadhurst Theatre, we are so happy to share with you these brand new production photos of the cast featuring its 2 new principal stars. The lineup consists of….
Broadway favorite Heidi Blickenstaff who will temporary be filling in for its Tony nominated leading lady Elizabeth Stanley in the role of struggling suburban mother “Mary Jane Healy”,
newcomer Morgan Dudley who replaces Tony nominated star Celia Gooding in the role of rebellious, bisexual, and adopted African American teenage daughter “Frankie Healy”
newcomer Adi Roy who replaces Antonio Cipriano in the role of High School student and love interest “Phoenix”.
Blickenstaff, Dudley, and Roy join the continuing lineup of the show’s original principals consisting of…..
Tony nominee Derek Klena as the “perfect son” himself “Nick Healy”,
Tony nominee Sean Allan Krill as the porn addicting and frustrated suburban Dad as “Steve Healy”,
Tony nominee Kathryn Gallagher as vulnerable but recently raped victim “Bella Fox”,
the show’s now Tony winning standout Lauren Patten as the humorous, vulnerable, and easily hurt lesbian “Jo Taylor”.
Get ready to WAKE UP and raise those fingers high as we welcome JAGGED LITTLE PILL back to Broadway.
Break legs to the cast, crew, musicians, and creative team.
How amazing are these new production photos?!!
PLEASE BE ADVISED: With the show re-opening, there is a demonstration expecting to happen outside the Theatre. Earlier this show, the hit Alanis Morissette musical has been receiving some controversial backlash against the show’s creative team in changing the character of “Jo” getting changed from trans to cisgender. Also, former original Ensemble member Nora Schell (who goes by They/Them pronouns) went through hell with the show’s stage management who forced the performer to postpone a Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome surgery.
Mike Haber
Author: Mike Haber

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