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FIRST LISTEN: The brand new UK / Ireland Tour of Disney’s inaugural smash hit Beauty and the Beast is set to debut this week. This new production features some promising magical updates from the show’s original creative team including its sets, costumes, and some LED video updates.
A promising highlight for all super fans of this TALE AS OLD AS TIME includes a previously announced new recording of the show’s opening narration in the PROLOUGE. For this new staging, the voice of “The Prologue Narrator” will be Award winning legend and icon Angela Lansbury (who was well known for providing the voice of the lovable and caring “Mrs. Potts” from the 1991 Animated film). The versatile stage and screen favorite steps into the shoes of its original both for the 1991 Animated film and the Broadway production…… the late David Odgen Stiers (who also provided the voice of “Cogsworth” in the original movie) telling the audience the opening moments where a selfish, rude, tyrannical, and spoiled prince turned into a hideous monstrous beast.
A brand new teaser commercial was released in the UK today featuring Lansbury’s voice giving those first 4 powerful worlds that truly starts this timeless story of Beauty and the Beast……. ONCE UPON A TIME.
The New UK / Ireland Tour of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST kicks off this Wednesday, August 25th, 2021 in Bristol before traveling all over the United Kingdom and Ireland.
Who is excited?!!
Mike Haber
Author: Mike Haber

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