FLASHBACK FRIDAY: When something in Entertainment becomes talked about in the news, it sometimes can became an easy target to make fun of on late night TV.

One of those times happened in 2011 when Saturday Night Live began poking and making fun of a high energy, thrilling, and dangerous musical ever to have hit the Great White Way. That little show was Spider-Man On Broadway (which ran for 3 years on Broadway): Turn Off The Dark which was very dangerous for Broadway was because of the non-stop technical problems that have happened during preview performances (including actors getting stuck in the air and suffering from serious injuries). In the SNL sketch making fun of the musical’s drama from hell, it features law attorney helping those who got injured whether being part of the company or sitting in the audience at one of Spider-Man’s preview performances. Meet Frank Gublin.

How crazy was that sketch?

Anyone here who saw Spider-Man on Broadway during it’s scary time of previews?The law firm of Gublin and Green will represent anyone injured watching…

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