Get a first listen to Gardar Thor Cortes singing as “The Phantom” in the German production of Love Never Dies (the acclaimed musical sequel to The Phantom of the Opera). He is set to reprise that role (this time in English) as he is set to join the upcoming North American Premiere Tour of LOVE NEVER DIES this Fall. Who is excited for Gardar?

FUN FACT: In addition to LOVE NEVER DIES, Cortes was also supposed to play the masked man in LE FANT?ME DE L’OP?RA – Le Musical (the Paris production of The Phantom of the Opera) with Phantom favorite Sierra Boggess Official (who also played “Christine” in the original West End production of LOVE NEVER DIES). However, the production was cancelled due to a horrific fire damaging the Theatre Magador.

DAS PHANTOM DER OPER ist das erfolgreichste Musical aller Zeiten. Erfolgskomponist Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber erz?hlt nun die bewegende Geschichte in einer fas…

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