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AND TONIGHT NEW YORK CITY, THEY ARE……. LIVE!!! Tonight is the ultimate coronation day celebration as the Olivier Award nominated smash hit GIRL POWER musical SIX FINALLY reaches its long awaited Official Opening Night on Broadway at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre.
For those who may not know, THE QUEENS were ready to rock the Great Bright Way on their initial March 12th, 2020 Opening Night. However, the plug got pulled on the Opening Night….. it turned out to be the day that Broadway and Live Theater would be abruptly shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
It’s truly gonna be the ultimate party tonight at the HAUS OF HOLBIEN. We know Broadway is ready to GET DOWN!!!
Break a leg to the QUEENS, their LADIES-IN-WAITING, the crew, and creative team!!!
Who is excited?!!!
Mike Haber
Author: Mike Haber

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