Go behind the scenes of Broadway’s longest running show The Phantom of the Opera as Laird Mackintosh (who plays Opera manager “Monsieur Andre” and understudies “The Phantom”) shares with us 5 secrets about the show what most audience members do not even know.

FUN FACT: New York Broadway Tours’ creator and head tour guide Amada Anderson is friends with Lynne Abeles Darwish who currently appears in the Ensemble every night but also serves as the understudy for the show’s PRIMA DONNA herself “Carlotta”. Check out Amada interviewing her in the comment section below this post.

THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA will be celebrating it’s history making 30th Anniversary of haunting audiences at Broadway’s Majestic Theatre this January. This is the only show ever in Broadway history to have made it to 30 years and still running to packed houses every night. It also continues to haunt audiences in London’s West End, on Tour across America, and around the world.

PHANTOM OF THE OPERA’s Laird Mackintosh shares five secrets about the long-running Broadway fave!

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