The Theater Etiquette menaces are at it again!!! At this today’s matinee performance of the current revival of Once On This Island Broadway at Circle in the Square, an audience member got himself into a lot of trouble where….

1. ILLEGALLY recording the show!!!

2. Started acting extremely rude talking really loud and using obnoxious language show’s before ultimately trying to talk to the show’s breaking star newcomer Hailey Kilgore during the musical’s emotional climax scene.

From there, Krigore stopped the show to confront the rude patron and later called the person out on Twitter.

So sorry Hailey. There are those audience members that literally have no manners and no respect. Ignore them. We are on your side.

To the person who caused a scene today at ONCE ON THIS ISLAND, SHAME ON YOU!!!!

As always, we at New York Broadway Tours always want to remind everyone when going to experience live theater, hide those cameras and QUIET DURING THE SHOW!!! So disruptive and rude to the performers on stage.


Hailey Kilgore on Twitter

?@gochrisgo Fit. We were in a situation where the patron was not only filming the show. But talking out loud, using obnoxious language and then proceeded to attempt to talk to me in the middle of the most pivotal point of the show.?

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