The Theatre Etiquette Menaces are back again!!! The latest Audience misbehaved drama happened in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Eccles Theater during a performance of the 2nd National Tour of the Award winning smash hit Hamilton: An American Musical.

Audience members were checking their cell phones for the score of the Utah Jazz VS Houston Rockets Game. Actor Joseph Morales (who plays the title role of “Alexander Hamilton”) took to social media to call the rude audience members of Salt Lake City out.

CELL PHONES OFF PLEASE DURING A LIVE PERFORMANCE!!! You can check your scores afterwards.


‘Hamilton’ actor calls Utah crowd ‘so rude it’s shocking’ for checking phones during recent performance

Morales tweeted at 2:26 p.m. on Sunday afternoon that the Salt Lake City crowd wasn’t acting appropriately during Sunday’s matinee performance at the Eccles Theater.

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