<img title=””I Can’t Lose You” from Frozen the Broadway Musical” src=”https://i.ytimg.com/vi/88xBkkJJM2U/hqdefault.jpg” />
This week has been a very exciting time in Arendelle!!! Disney's smash hit Frozen – The Musical welcomed its new royal sisters and a brand new revamped production. Earlier today, the show's new leading ladies Ciara Renee (who succeeded original star Caissie Levy) as the icy snow queen herself "Elsa" and newcomer McKenzie Kurtz (who succeeded Patti Murin) as the high energetic, awkward, and caring "Anna" appeared on Live with Kelly and Ryan for a WORLD TELEVISION PERFORMANCE of one of the newly added songs (for the stage musical) by Bobby and Kristen Anderson-Lopez entitled I CAN'T LOOSE YOU.

I CAN'T LOOSE YOU is performed by "Elsa" and "Anna" in the 2nd act. It replaces the reprise of FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVER…. the part where "Anna" begs her sister to come back and try to undo the enchanted winter along with "Elsa" telling her sister she is better alone.

Thoughts on the new song?!!!


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