The news of the events of the September 11th, 2001 terror attacks took a huge effect on so many people especially within the Broadway community. Shows that were running at the time were cancelled for 2 days. Despite returning, many of the productions were facing low ticket sales. However, many commercials have been made to inspire people to come to New York City and experience the magic of Live Theater to throw their troubles away. Seriously like medicine.

Check out another one of those beautiful commercials by Visa that was released a few weeks following the events. It was recycled footage from a previous commercial that was used to promote the 2001 Tony Awards. It's a full black and white montage documenting the life of New York City and our Theater community. It features a beautiful piano ballad rendition of the ultimate anthem that celebrates this community we call home…. GIVE MY REGARDS TO BROADWAY. It was sung by Grammy Award winner Judy Collins.

This commercial is truly a reminder from that time and also for this current difficult time we're facing today with the COVID-19 pandemic, THE CURTAIN WILL, NEVER… EVER… EVER… GO DOWN ON NEW YORK CITY & BROADWAY!!!

How beautiful was this commercial?!!!

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