DID YOU KNOW: The magic of Live Theater & doing 8 shows a week, no performance is ever the same as the previous night. There are new character development moments, bonding with different scene partners, and even some improvisational moments when things go wrong.

In the smash hit BEWITCHING blockbuster WICKED, there is a PLAN B for in the event the hydraulic lift that makes the show's lead character "Elphaba" fly does not work in the powerhouse Act 1 finale DEFYING GRAVITY. It's well known as a NO FLY show.

Whenever there is a NO FLY show and that lift malfunctions, the actress who plays "Elphaba" unhooks herself from the strap (that keeps her safe while standing on a tiny platform). From there, the actress (still in character with her hat, bag, and broomstick high) runs down center stage acting as if she's FLYING HIGH in the sky singing her heart out.

In the meantime, all of the Ensemble members playing The Guards of "The Wizard" and the Ozians (who usually are looking at "Elphaba" 40 feet above the ground pointing and screaming at her singing LOOK AT HER, SHE'S WICKED! GET HER!) are all learning on their backs and stomachs to lower themselves in still creating the effect of being terrified of "Elphaba" in the air.

Here is a video of what a NO FLY show experience is like. In this video, its sung by the show's 15th Anniversary Green girl herself Jessica Vosk on stage at the Gershwin Theatre.

WICKED is expecting to DEFY GRAVITY once again in 2021….on Broadway, in London's West End, on Tour across America, and around the world.

It's all LIVE THEATER everyone.

Who experienced seeing WICKED with a NO FLY show live?
What is your favorite Live Show moment that has gotten wrong?

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