Every performer out there who comes to NYC dreams to peruse that one dream job of performing 8 SHOWS A WEEK on Broadway, Off Broadway, National Tours, and more. However, it’s a long hard road to get there because of one thing…. the dreaded REJECTION from the casting directors and industry.

Some performers dealing with rejection take it very personal and quit the business. Also there are those who don’t give up by forgetting about the previous audition they DIDN’T get cast in and move on to the next audition till the casting director gives them the go-ahead that THEY BOOKED THE GIG. You grow a thick skin from all the rejections.

To all performers out there, never give up on those Broadway goals. Keep on auditioning, training, and networking.

Check out these inspiring stories from some of your favorite Broadway and West End superstars talking about their worst REJECTIONS and how it led to something better.

How helpful is this?!!

What was your worst rejection stories? How did you handle it?


Kelli O’Hara as Nessarose? Broadway Stars Share Their Rejections On Social Media!

Broadway is a tough industry, and if you’re going to pursue a career in theatre you’ve got to be prepared to face rejection fairly regularly. Though performers will often take to social media to share exciting news like booking a gig, very few will openly talk about jobs they didn’t book. Check out….

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