YOU ARE ENOUGH, YOU ARE SO ENOUGH, IT'S UNBELIEVABLE HOW ENOUGH YOU ARE!!! The continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a huge effect on so many people. Many people have lost hope in themselves, went down a dark hole, coped with stress and anxiety, and gave up everything. However, this weird and crazy time is not stopping one familiar Broadway star and she's here to remind us how to keep self-loving ourselves….. the one and only Sierra Boggess.

Earlier this past spring, The Phantom of the Opera, The Little Mermaid, School of Rock, and Love Never Dies favorite launched a brand new video vlog / podcast entitled LIGHT LESSONS WITH SIERRA. It's loosely based and inspired by Boggess' specially created angel cards for FIT FOR BROADWAY as a way to spread positivity, inspiration, and light into your own personal journeys. For this vlog / podcast, a different episode goes up every Sunday which Boggess will discuss a different "word" or message pulled from the bag, what it means to her, and how you can feel uplifted based on the sayings.

We all need to continue spreading positivity, joy, love, and light to each other. It's a way to remind ourselves that we're going to be ok. We're all in this together.


How powerful is that?!!

Light Lessons — Sierra Boggess

I LOVE THIS WORD!  Think of all the ways this word is used: Support system, supportive, moral support, support network, I.T. Support, LIFE support… 

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