Putting on a Broadway show 8 times a week is not only is just about the performers, it's all about the magicians who help bring what you see on stage to life…. the sets, the costumes, the musicians, the technicians, and more. For several years, the non-for-profit Theater company Inside Broadway has been introducing the world of Live Theater performance to students in New York City?s under-served public schools everywhere.

One of their key programs is their CREATING THE MAGIC series. 3 times a year, some of Broadway's biggest hits invite these students to a their Theaters for a fun, unique, educational 75 minute program that introduces them to the Behind the Scenes elements that go into the magic of a Broadway show. Several cast members perform highlights from the show along with members of each of the show's behind the scenes department have their moment in the spotlight demonstrating what they do off stage making the magic come to life 8 times a week.

Check out what happens when some lucky kids got to discover crashing chandeliers, pyrotechnics, automated boats, and surrendering to THE MUSIC OF THE NIGHT at Broadway's longest running show ever The Phantom of the Opera. This CREATE THE MAGIC presentation happened this past Spring 2018 in front of a sold out crowd of students at the Majestic Theatre.

How amazing is this?

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