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Mary Poppins 2021 reopening video | "London is Flying Again"
SPIT, SPOT!! After 17 months of being abruptly shutdown, everyone’s favorite PRACTICIALLY PERFECT nanny is back!! The West End revival of Disney’s Award winning stage adaptation of Mary Poppins reopens its run at London’s Prince Edward Theatre tonight.
With anticipation in the air, check out to see what “Mary” herself has been doing leading up to this highly anticipated moment. Here is the production’s Olivier Award nominated leading lady Zizi Strallen as the titular role taking a brief JOLLY HOLIDAY stroll through London before its back to caring for THE BANKS CHILDREN.
We want to wish the full company a happy 1st night back!!!
Break a leg to the full cast, crew, musicians, and creative team.
Who is excited?!!
Mike Haber
Author: Mike Haber

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