ONE SONG GLORY!! FOX is already gearing up it’s live televised musical event…Rent Live and they are searching for a newcomer to take on the role of the aspiring and struggling HIV-positive rock singer-songwriter “Roger Davis”. The demands for the role is to play the guitar and you need to have a very grungy voice (pretty much the lead singer of a rock band) and projected raw pain with charisma.

The role of “Roger” is well known for being originated on Broadway (and later in the 2005 film) by Adam Pascal (which earned him a 1996 Tony Award nomination).

Casting the whole group of BOHEMIANS for one night only on Live TV will be done by Telsey & Company Casting (who previously casted the original 1996 production that went from Off Broadway to Broadway, the 2005 film version, and of the most recent 2011 Off Broadway Revivals of RENT).

RENT LIVE is set to go live on the air on January 27th, 2018 on FOX.

To all the aspiring “Roger’s” out there, you can do it. Rock out and show em’ what you’re made of.

#RentLive #VivaLaVieBoheme #MeasureYourLifeInLove #NoDayButToday #OneSongGlory

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