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Broadway is a huge part of today’s pop culture especially when it comes to what makes New York City the place that it is. When we go to shows, fans love getting a piece of that magic such as the cast album, T-Shirts, Programs, Jewelry, and so much more. And now….. there is BROADWAY ACTION FIGURES!!!
The popular brand Pop Figures now has Broadway fans on board creating toy figures of your favorite Musical Theater characters. This is Broadway Pop. This brand has now received a huge following from Theater lovers everywhere. You might have seen them already at several events including BroadwayCon, the Broadway Flea Market, and so much more. Some of them already even have been seen in various stories such as Walmart. They have figures from your favorite shows including…..
Fans have already been collecting them. Even some of your favorite Broadway stars have a collection of them based on all their notable roles as fan gifts too.
Get your BROADWAY POP action figures!!!
How cool is that?!!!
Mike Haber
Author: Mike Haber

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