For those who were watching Rent Live on FOX last night, there was an announcement made before the first commercial that Brennin Hunt (who played "Roger") injured his foot in the last dress rehearsal and was unable to perform the show full out live. However, the team put their brains together to still accommodate and make sure Hunt, the LIVE cast, and the original Broadway cast could all perform together. 90% of the production you watched last night (from the opening to WHAT YOU OWN) was pre-recorded during the dress rehearsal. For the additional 10% (the final scene and the SEASONS OF LOVE reprise encore) was all LIVE with Hunt sitting the entire time at the table.

During the taping last night, the cast performed an abridged version of the 90% of RENT with Hunt performing LIVE while in a wheelchair in front of the studio audience. The pre-recorded version was played on the screens with the cast singing along and performing it for each other.

Check out some videos from several RENTheads who were at the taping recording videos of Hunt performing in the wheelchair.

WHAT A BRAVE WARRIOR BRENNIN IS!! Nothing stopped him despite his injury. As always THE SHOW MUST GO ON.

Congrats once again to the entire cast, crew, musicians, and creative team of Rent on FOX.


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Rent Live Should Have Just Gone Live Based on Twitter Video

An audience member shared a video of what's happening in studio while the world is watching the pre-recorded version of the Fox event

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