BREAKING NEWS: Broadway favorite Sierra Boggess Official is embarking on her first ever concert tour in 2017. As previously announced, she is expecting to perform a set of concerts in Australia this upcoming June. In addition, she added some upcoming dates of concerts in the US including Florida, New Jersey, and Tennessee. These shows will be a mix either with a major symphony orchestra or with only 2 musicians Brian Hertz and Summer Boggess (who happens to be Sierra’s older sister).

Fans of Sierra can expect to hear songs from her acclaimed career (including hits from The Little Mermaid, The Phantom of the Opera, Love Never Dies, School of Rock the Musical), Musical Theatre standards, Opera, yup some Barbra Streisand, and even a little Britney Spears. Plus she will share her story, things that inspire her, and of course remind you her now infamous mantra YOU ARE ENOUGH, YOU ARE SO ENOUGH, IT’S UNBELIEVABLE HOW ENOUGH YOU ARE.

Who is excited?

Sierra Boggess Announces 2017 Concert Tour in US and Australia

Broadway’s Sierra Boggess will travel the world in 2017, making concert stops from Florida to Australia. Check out her just-announced itinerary below!

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