ARE YOU READY?!!! LONDON HERE WE GO!!! They're back!!!!! Today is a very exciting day for Live Theater as some of the hottest shows are slowly starting to make their way back to performances in the West End!!! One of those shows is the Olivier Award nominated GIRL POWER smash hit SIX.

Last night, THE QUEENS themselves took the stage of London's Lyric Theatre (where it will play a temporarily limited run till April 2021 before moving back to its longtime home at the Arts Theatre) for a special private invited dress rehearsal performance which became a beautiful emotional mess for so many people who love Live Theater. During the invited dress rehearsal, an audience member (thanks to permission from The Queens) shared a video of THE MEGASIX that has officially leaked online.

In case anyone may not know, THE MEGASIX is what caused SIX to go viral around the world. It's performed during the show's curtain call as a finale medley of each of the EX-WIVES themselves big song in the show. During the curtain call, the Queens do encourage fans to yank out their phones and cameras for that number.

The London Queens on stage consist of….

Jarneia Richard – Noel as "Catherine of Aragon",

Courtney Bowman as "Anne Boleyn,

Natalie May Paris as "Jane Seymour",

Alexia McIntosh as "Anna of Cleves",

Sophie Issacs as "Katherine Howard",


Danielle Steers as "Catherine of Paar",

WARNING: Before watching this video, please pull out a bag of tissues. You will be crying especially to see that Live Theater magic back!!!

With SIX returning to the West End, there will be ongoing safety precautions since we're still coping with the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone who works in the Theater (The Queens themselves, their LADIES IN WAITING, the crew, ushers, etc) and their fellow Theatergoers be going through constant temperature checks & COVID testing. Every Theater will be stalling more Hand Sanitizers everywhere. Most important, everyone will STILL be required to social distant and audience members will have to wear their face masks for the entire show. Both Theaters will have a limited 50% capacity of people allowed inside. Both shows itself will also be social distanced with updated staging. In addition before and after every performance, all the Theaters will undergo extended constant deep-cleanings.

In addition, it was just revealed on the show's social media that sadly due to this ongoing time and safety precautions, THE QUEENS will sadly not be stage dooring after performances. We know its the greatest feeling in the world to meet incredible talents you idolize. However, safety comes first. Of course, we just want to take a moment to remind all Theatergoers (who sadly won't be able to stage door at this time) NO RANTING PLEASE!!!! All of this is for everyone's safety from this horrible coronavirus. No one deserves to get sick at this time.

However, there are ways to still connected with the Queens themselves. You can follow them on social media, if anyone of them is teaching (and you're a performer), go take a master class with them, and even some of them have been doing virtual greetings & hang outs (depending on what they're doing).

Break a leg QUEENS!!! Welcome Home!!!!

How incredible was that first performance back before the first real performance to the Public?!!!

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