The Theater world is a very supportive and loving community with really cool shenanig…

The Theater world is a very supportive and loving community with really cool shenanigans and traditions while keeping your energy up doing 8 shows a week.

One of the best and happiest traditions is when you celebrate your birthday while working on Broadway and/or on a National Tour.

When it’s a cast/crew member’s birthday, here are some really cool things that happen.

1. 30 minutes before half hour call, the stage manager calls everyone to the backstage greenroom and calls your out to wish you happy birthday over the PA system.

2. You get a surprise cake. The person’s birthday who it was before goes to the store, buys it, and lights it up. Also for bonus points, the previous birthday person or fellow cast/crew members decorate the dressing room station.

3. In the greenroom, the cakes are set up and the whole company sings Happy Birthday with beautiful Broadway style harmony (it is hilarious how it sounds).

4. Make a wish and for bonus points, GIVE A SPEECH!!!!

5. Give the greatest Broadway Birthday performance ever!!!

Recently, Kinky Boots on Broadway original cast member Tony nominee Stark Sands celebrated his birthday backstage at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre. Check out the cast serenading him and the harmonies.

Isn’t the Broadway community so great to everyone?! Who dreams of having a birthday while working on Broadway?

Nothing like being serenaded by a bunch of pros. Harmonies galore.

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