BREAKING NEWS: Broadway and Live Theater is expecting to return within 2021-2022. It has just been announced that It has just been announced that Tony Award winner Tracy Letts' The Minutes has officially delayed and rescheduled its return again till 2021.

The new political play is officially set to resume on March 12th, 2022 (exactly 2 years since the day Broadway was shutdown). In addition, sadly it will NOT be performed in the Cort Theatre. It was just announced that the West 48th Street Broadway house will be going under a full-scale renovation.

THE MINUTES was originally going to relaunch its Broadway Previews on March 1st, 2021 and then have its long awaited official Opening Night on March 15th, 2021 (just 1 YEAR LATER after its initial Opening Night date). However, it was postponed due to the extension of Live Theater currently shutdown till May 30th, 2021.

No word has been revealed but rumor has been said that casting is possibly still expecting to still be the same as it was before the pandemic happened. THE MINUTES was led by…

Tracy Letts (also starring in the play) as "Mayor Superba",

Tony Award winner Jessie Mueller (in her first major straight play on Broadway) as "Ms. Johnson",

Golden Globe Award nominee Armie Hammer as "Mr. Peel",

Tony Award nominee K. Todd Freeman as "Mr. Blake",

Sally Murphy as "Ms. Matz",

Tony Award winner and Emmy Award nominee Blair Brown as "Ms. Innes",

and more .

In case anyone may not be familiar with the story, THE MINUTES is a 90 minute play that takes place in the small town of Big Cherry. It centers on the inner workings of a city council meeting and the hypocrisy, greed and ambition that bubble to the surface when a newcomer to the town begins to ask the wrong questions.


Who is excited for this powerful new play to return?!!

The Minutes Pushes Broadway Run to 2022; Will Vacate the Cort Theatre | TheaterMania

The Cort will be undergoing renovations.

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