The tradition on 52nd Street live on…. As we hoped, the August Wilson Theatre (currently home to the Olivier Award winning smash hit Groundhog Day Musical) and the Neil Simon Theatre (currently home of the revival of Cats the Musical) continues to get their energy up with the SATURDAY NIGHT SCREAM tradition (taking places 5 minutes before places on a Saturday night) opening up the windows screaming at each other or they serenade each other with a song.

The tradition began in 2006 during the time of Jersey Boys playing at the August Wilson Theatre where the cast used to throw half hour call dance parties in the dressing room. The most famous song they used to dance to was the infamous THEME TO NEW YORK, NEW YORK. At the end of that song, cast members would open up the windows yelling IT’S SATURDAY NIGHT ON BROADWAY!!!! Over at the Neil Simon Theatre during the time of Hairspray, they joined in the fun and it’s been a tradition ever

At the same time, Saturday is usually the 7th show of the week on Broadway.

How great is it to know a tradition still lives on after the show that started it all closed?!

You may not have thought so, but groundhogs and cats get along famously. Don?t believe us? Head on down to NYC?s Theatre District on a Saturday night, and yo…

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