BREAKING NEWS: At a recent performance of the National Tour of Disney’s Aladdin – The Musical (currently in Chicago at the Cadillac Palace Theatre), a mother and her 7 year old autistic son were thrown out of the Theater because of the son being “a distraction” during the performance. The Mother and son have previously been to other shows in New York and across the country with no problems. However, ALADDIN in Chicago was a disaster. Broadway In Chicago apologized to the Mother and Son for what happened and said they will be dealing with the staff these next few days. How horrible!!!

This is not the first time there was autism drama on Broadway. In 2015 during a performance of the Tony winning Lincoln Center Theater revival of The King and I the Musical, a young kid with autism began screaming and crying during the intense “whipping scene” (when Anna defends Tuptim and confronts The King telling him he has no heart) in Act 2. Angry audience members began to yell at the Mother to tell her child to shut up. Cast member Kelvin Moon Loh was angry at the situation of the audience being rude to the mother and child, he took to Facebook to write a moving post.

What’s also amazing about Broadway is that Theatre Development Fund (TDF) also does Autism Friendly Performances of smash hit shows to make it less scary for those who are sensitive to loud bangs, crazy strobe lights, and more. The Broadway production of ALADDIN has done a few autism friendly performances of the show. TDF has shown us that no matter what if you have autism or dealing with other serious conditions, EVEREYONE SHOULD EXPERIENCE LIVE THEATER!!!!


How horrible is this situation with the Mother and Son being kicked out of ALADDIN?!!! Thoughts?!

Theater Boots Boy With Autism For Being Disruptive: Mother

A woman says she and her son, who has autism, were booted out of a theatrical presentation of ‘Aladdin’ at a downtown Chicago theater Wednesday.

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