THROWBACK THURSDAY: In 2011, Broadway made the tabloids all about a high flying, spectacular, and dangerous rock musical. That musical was of course Spider-Man On Broadway which ran 3 years on the Great White Way. What made SPIDER-MAN very dangerous for Broadway was because of the non-stop technical problems that have happened during preview performances (including actors getting stuck in the air and suffering from serious injuries).

All the backstage drama not only it made the news, it was being parodied on TV shows everywhere including on Sesame Street (parodying the show as SPIDER-MONSTER: THE MUSICAL). In June 2011, the SESAME STREET MUPPETS released a sketch featuring Mr. Johnson (the frustrated Muppet customer that always had bad luck when Grover was helping him) attending a performance of SPIDER-MONSTER THE MUSICAL starring Grover (as SPIDER-MONSTER) who keeps falling onto Mr. Johnson in the front row instead of flying.

How adorable is this sketch?

This bit deserves a spot in the “Funniest Sesame Street Sketches of All Time” museum.

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