FLASHBACK FRIDAY: So much anticipation going on with the Tony Awards happening this Fall virtually instead of its usual traditional June celebration. Over the years, there have been some unforgettable commercials celebrating the best of the Great Bright Way. Most notably, Broadway has teamed up for many years with Visa as the official credit card for the Tonys. Here is another one of those commercials…..

In promotion of the 2001 edition of the Tonys, Visa presented a beautifully documented 60 second commercial in black and white exploring the life of New York City and our Broadway backyard. It also features a voiceover reciting a poem on WHAT IS BROADWAY. If you listen very carefully, the words are so powerful, meaningful, and so true about this community we love.

All of us at New York Broadway Tours are also feeling everyone's emotions going on right now with Broadway and Live Theater still shutdown. This commercial itself is truly a reminder of Broadway's unforgettable legacy and most importantly…. WE WILL BE BACK! WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

The front of house marquees will light again.
The playbills will be passed out again.
The orchestra will tune again.
The preshow announcements will go off again.
The lights will dim once again.
The conductors will raise those batons again.
The overtures will be played once again.
The curtains will rise again.
The stories will be told again.
The songs will be sung again.
The dances will be breathtaking again.
The stars will be huge once again.
The thunderous applause and ovations will roar again.
Remember, this is ONLY AN INTERMISSION!!!


This year's Tony Awards is going to be very different due to this continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of it being held as a Formal Gathering event at New York's famed Radio City Music Hall, the ceremony will be done virtually. No announcements have been made on the revealment of the nominations or the virtual ceremony itself which is expecting to happen this Fall.

PLEASE SHARE AND RETWEET THIS COMMERCIAL!!! We all need this reminder about Broadway.

Who remembers this commercial?
Who is excited for the Tonys still happening?
Who cannot wait for Broadway to come back?!!

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