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Due to ongoing COVID-19 / Delta Variant cases rising, there are ongoing extreme safety protocols that still have to be dealt with. These last few weeks, some of the hottest tickets in London’s West End sadly will NOT be doing the popular post-show stage door. Some of these shows included….
The updated and inaugural London company of Andrew Lloyd Webber‘s The Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty’s Theatre,
The West End return of Heathers – The Musical at the Theatre Royal Haymarket.
The West End company of the groundbreaking 9/11 musical Come From Away,
and more.
In case anyone may not know, stage door following a performance of any show whether on Broadway, in London’s West End, or on tour. There, audience members / fans can wait outside to meet members of the cast. As they emerge, they’ll sign autographs and takes photos. In addition, super fans give gifts.
Usually with stage door, it gets very tight. With COVID-19 and Delta Variant still spreading, this is to make sure everyone is healthy, safe, and no one gets sick.
Please take a moment to RESPECT all companies members of every show you see that cannot stage door. We know its hard to NOT get to meet your idols. However at the end of the day, always remember that an actor is just a person. They are all human beings just like you and me. No ranting!!
With Stage Door not happening at this time, there are alternative ways on how you can stay connected to your favorite Broadway and West End performers. When they are not doing 8 shows a week, your favorite performers LOVE to give back to their fans. Throughout this previous past years of the COVID-19 pandemic, they are able to stay connected with you virtually including….
Q&A opportunities – Have a 101 time or get a bunch of friends together on ZOOM to talk about your favorite performer’s careers and life,
Instagram Live chats – Many of them do their best to read ALL comments depending on how fast people type,
Cameo Video Greetings – You can get your favorite performer to send you or someone a HAPPY BIRTHDAY greeting, a piece of advice, and/or to cheer you up,
Master Classes – Many of Broadway and West End’s biggest fans are also aspiring performers. Many of them dream to sing for their idols. Now, you can!! Let them teach you the ropes on how to make that perfect impression in the room and get the YES of one day making your Broadway or West End debut. They also give great industry advice, tips with mental health, coping with rejection, and so much more.
Mike Haber
Author: Mike Haber

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