Many artists have gone on to achieve so much success everywhere with that one signature breakout performance they'll be known for the rest of their life. Years later, they're sharing their stories on how they made it to that point. One of those artists was Anthony Rapp.

Back in 2006, Rapp wrote a very powerful and uplifting memoir entitled WITHOUT YOU. The book follows his emotional journey with creating his signature role of struggling filmmaker "Mark Cohen" in the Tony and Pulitzer Prize winning rock musical RENT. You discover Rapp's experience of being part of the production since its early incarnation labs to its GLORY of becoming a worldwide phenomenon (including the emotional experience Rapp faced when RENT's composer Jonathan Larson tragically died the night of its first Off Broadway preview performance). In addition to his RENT journey, you also will discover more of Rapp's early beginning, discovering his sexuality, and his relationship with his mother till her passing from breast cancer. The book went on to become a New York Times Bestseller.

5 years later after the success of the book, Rapp expanded his story by turning it into a one man show. The stage version of WITHOUT YOU gave the audience more of a visual element of the memoir. It featured Rapp performing majority of the notable songs from RENT along with covers of songs including R.E.M. (which notably Rapp sang at his first audition for RENT), and Rapp’s own original music from his 2000 solo album LOOK AROUND. WITHOUT YOU toured all across North America along with several shows in the UK. It even played a strictly limited engagement at the TBG Theatre (part of the New York Musical Festival). An album version of the show was recorded in 2012 and is still available.

WITHOUT YOU is named after one of the beautiful notable songs from RENT.

Get a look at Rapp in action performing WITHOUT YOU.

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