DID YOU KNOW: Within these past few years, there have been some crazy stories of terrible stage door etiquette on Broadway. It’s not only happened during this present time, it’s happened even a while back.

In 1998, acclaimed recording artists Deborah Gibson and Toni Braxton were both victims of psycho stalkers during their runs of playing “Belle” in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast on Broadway at the Palace Theatre.

The stalker of Deborah Gibson was harassing her 24/7 with numerous crazy letters, e-mail messages, and yes he even had her phone number. The stalker was arrested May 1998 and was charged for aggravated harassment.

Meanwhile the stalker of Toni Braxton (who also made Broadway history for being the first African American actress ever to play “Belle”) who was creeping her out with threating letters and emails. Terrified, Braxton had to decrease from doing 8 performances a week to 7 a week. In addition, Braxton stopped stage dooring after every performance for the remainder of the run leaving the Palace Theatre in a disguise. Security was surrounding every corner to catch the stalker. No word was said on if the stalker was caught.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Please don’t get a celebrity interested in you as a fan after a Broadway show. Let’s face reality, they don’t know you and they have a love of their life anyway.

How horrible is that?

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