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NO ME DIGA: Tony Award winners Lin-Manuel Miranda and Karen Olivo have joined in on a latest trend to the film adaptation of their breakout smash hit musical In The Heights. The real life BFF’s (who originated the roles of “Usnavi” and “Vanessa” in the original Broadway production) filmed themselves lip-syncing to the argument section from the song BLACKOUT with a twist….. They switched roles!!
Miranda sang the “Vanessa” part along with Olivo singing the “Usnavi” part.
All of this is part of a BLACKOUT trend on social media including TikTok.
FUN FACT: The version they are lip-synching is from the film’s soundtrack featuring Anthony Ramos and Melissa Barrera. During the song in the film, “Usnavi” and “Vanessa” get into a heated argument after not dancing with each other at THE CLUB and loosing each other when the power goes out. The couple breaks up.
However in the stage production of IN THE HEIGHTS (which this scene ends the first act), this argument scene is actually sung by “Nina” and “Benny”. Following a disaster bombshell that goes off at the Rosario’s dinner, “Nina” tries to go follow “Benny” to THE CLUB to apologize for her father’s decision and behavior. However, “Benny” is already drunk brushes her off. Throughout dancing there, “Nina” and “Benny” cope with their own jealousy till the power goes out. They find each other, argue some more, and then kiss under the fireworks.
How great was that?!!!

VIDEO: Lin-Manuel Miranda and Karen Olivo Join IN THE HEIGHTS ‘Blackout’ Trend! (

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