SO LONG DEARIE! Today, the company of the Tony winning revival of Hello, Dolly on Broadway says farewell to 3 of it’s original Principal stars. Taking their final bows at the Shubert Theatre today are…

Taylor Trensch (who departs to join the cast of another of this past year’s Tony winning hits Dear Evan Hansen),

Tony Award winner David Hyde Pierce,

and last but not least this year’s Tony winning star, the legendary and the divine Bette Midler.

These 3 powerhouse talents brought the audience to their fight every night and they will be missed.

However we know that this revival will be in really good hands. The show will be dark for an entire weekday as the company gears up to prepare and welcome it’s next lineup of stars set to join on January 20th, 2018 (and we know they will make OUR HEARTS COMING ALIVE AGAIN). The new stars are….

Olivier Award nominee Charlie Stemp taking over from Trensch in the role of the sweet and na?ve store clerk “Barnaby Tucker”,

Tony nominated stage and screen legend Victor Garber taking over from Pierce as the widowed millionaire “Horace Vandergelder”,

and last but not least Tony Award winning stage and screen legend Bernadette Peters will be making a match for people as she returns to Broadway for the first time in 5 years taking over from Midler in the title role of “Dolly Gallagher Levi”.

Happy Trails Bette, David, and Taylor and Welcome Bernadette, Victor, and Charlie.

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