BREAKING NEWS: The acclaimed production of 1984 (at Broadway’s Hudson Theatre) has been making headlines for audience members throwing up and passing out during the show’s intense torture scene.

Last night on stage, the show’s star Tom Sturridge Online collapsed on stage during that same exact scene due to dehydration. An announcement as soon as the curtain went down was made calling for a Doctor in the house. Sturridge was taken out on a stretcher to the hospital. In addition, another 2 female audience members fainted as well.

Prayers for Tom!!!!

How horrible?!!

Tom Sturridge Reportedly Collapses Onstage During ‘1984’ Torture Scene

Amidst reports of audience members fainting and vomiting during the new Broadway production of ‘1984’, Page Six of the New York Post reports today that the show’s star, Tom Sturridge, had to be taken out on a stretcher after collapsing during the show’s intense torture scene.

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