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LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, WELCOME BACK TO THE MOULIN ROUGE!! SO EXCITING, THE AUDIENCE DID STOMP AND CHEER indeed before it even all began. Get your tissues ready as the cast of the 14 time Tony nominated Moulin Rouge took the stage for the very first time on Broadway in 18 1/2 months.
From the stage of the Al Hirschfeld Theatre, here is footage of that legendary opening moment as show’s single Tony nominated leading actor and Broadway heartthrob Aaron Tviet as struggling bohemian writer “Christian” makes her first entrance. The sold out crowd goes WILD erupting into a thunderous standing ovation. At the moment of hitting his first mark, the snaps and the curtain rises on those sexy CAN CAN girls once more at the top of the show’s opening number LADY MARMALADE.
For those who have never seen MOULIN ROUGE, the show actually begins as soon as soon as you enter the Theater. To get us into the mood of the show, the cast are already on stage part of the pre-show experience welcoming you into the legendary Parisian nightclub itself. They warm up. They interact with audience members. You never know what you can expect. When “Christian” (Tviet) walks onto the stage and hits a certain cue, the actual performance begins.


Mike Haber
Author: Mike Haber

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