BROADWAY THROWBACK: Idina Menzel’s WICKED trapdoor accident

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DID YOU KNOW: The magic of a Live Theater performance. You never know what exactly can happen. Great moments and scary moments. One notable mishap that made the headlines happened back in 2005 during a performance of the smash hit WICKED.
On a mattinae performance on January 8th, 2005 at the Gershwin Theatre….. the 2nd to last day before DEFYING GRAVITY for the last time…. Wicked‘s Tony winning original star Idina Menzel had one of the most terrifying onstage mishaps ever. During the climatic scene where “Elphaba” (also known as The Wicked Witch of The West) is melted by “Dorothy”, Menzel fell through an elevated trap door on the stage fracturing her lover rib. The show was stopped for 45 minutes for the EMS team to come taking her out of the trap, onto a gurney, and straight to a nearby hospital. At the same time upstairs, Menzel’s standby who eventually became the first “Elphaba” replacement on Broadway herself Shoshana Bean has to get GREENIFIED in just 7 minutes to do the last 2 minutes of the show. Following the curtain call, then-cast member New Kids On The Block favorite Joey McIntyre (the 1st fulltime replacement “Fiyero”) who was set to depart with Idina the very next day, spoke to the sold out crowd letting everyone know she was going to be okay.
Shoshana Bean was set to take over as the fulltime “Elphaba” on January 11th, 2005. With Menzel not being able to complete the remainder of her Broadway run, Bean went on for Idina for her last 2 performances….. the evening on January 8th, 2005 and the initially scheduled final performance that very next day of January 9th, 2005.
With doctors orders, Menzel did not have to stay overnight in the hospital and have surgery. She was given painkillers to heal the broken rib and was discharged. Since she also couldn’t do her last 2 WICKED shows full out, the creative team knew they wanted to something special as a way for the company and the fans to say farewell to the original Green Girl. On January 9th, 2005, Bean played “Elphaba” till that climatic melting scene. In the scene right afterwards, Bean stepped out and Menzel went on surprising the audience appearing in the show’s FINALE scene….. a Red Track Suit (from ex-husband Taye Diggs). When Menzel entered the stage, the sold out crowd of the Gershwin Theatre ROARED into a Thunderous 5 minute standing ovation. Many of the fans (known as The Fanzels) called her out during the show. Even Jennifer Laura Thompson (the first replacement “Glinda”) adlibed a line from the bubble…… FELLOW OZIANS, I LOVE IDINA MENZEL!!! After singing the final FOR GOOD reprise, Menzel along with Joey McIntyre exited together through the time dragon clock…. and blackout.
The curtain call, Bean and Thompson bowed together before a speech was given saying Happy Trails to Joey McIntyre. Afterwards, WICKED’s director Joe Mantello walked onto the stage to give an emotional speech bringing Idina Menzel back on.
Menzel recovered from her WICKED accident just in time to start production on the film version of Rent. However, her journey with WICKED was not over….Menzel would eventually would go back to the role of “Elphaba” a year and a half later reprising the role and launching the show’s London company. Luckily, that final curtain call she was able to finally FLY and DEFY GRAVITY for the last time.
Later on during her ongoing concert tours, Idina has shared the story of her experience of that traumatic fall in WICKED. People knew of what happened but most people don’t know what it was like from Idina’s point of view. Really crazy. Check out this audio recording from a Boston show back in the Summer of 2005.
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Broadway favorite Eden Espinosa to perform in Las Vegas this Summer, Concert to be Livestreamed!!

Eden Espinosa
BREAKING NEWS: Following a triumphant engagement at The Green Room 42, Broadway favorite Eden Espinosa (WICKED, Brooklyn, Rent, Tangled, Falsettos, and the upcoming Lempicka) is bringing her critically acclaimed UNPLUGGED & UNPLANNED cabaret act to the Las Vegas strip this Summer. The powerhouse is set to play The Space LV on August 7th, 2021 at 8pm.
In addition for those who can’t make it to Vegas, you do NOT have to worry. The concert will also be LIVESTREAMED via The Space LV websites.
Tickets for both to be there in person or to watch it online is available now!!!
In case anyone may not know, Espinosa’s UNPLUGGED & UNPLANNED is stripped down acoustic solo concert. Accompanied by acoustic guitar, piano, and light percussion, It features a full diverse selection of Musical Theater and Pop/Rock favorites. You can expect to hear songs from Eden Espinosa’s unbelievable career from Broadway, Film/TV, and songs from her 2 acclaimed solo albums LOOK AROUND and REVELATION. It also features a Broadway Request selection where Espinosa will pull out Musical Theater songs out of a hat (based on suggestions from the audience).
Don’t miss this THRILLIFYING powerhouse!!!
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Broadway Throwback: Tony winner Idina Menzel’s debut album

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2021 marks a huge year for Tony Award winning powerhouse Idina Menzel. Last month, she celebrated her 50th Birthday & the 25th Anniversary of the professional gig that started it all….. her Broadway debut in Rent. What an unforgettable legacy she has left within those past 25 years. We all love her success on stage and on screen. However, Menzel’s also had an amazing career as a Pop star releasing 8 solo albums. Get ready for a THRILLIFYING rare seen performance like no other…. during the early era before her career even skyrocketed as a global phenomenon with WICKED, Glee, and of course Frozen. Here is the music video of her debut single MINUET from her 1998 cult smash hit album STILL I CAN’T BE STILL.
The music video itself for MINUET is soooooooo hot!!!! It features Menzel in an old Volkswagen van driving through an automatic car wash. It also features an appearance by her fellow RENT co-star and now ex-husband Taye Diggs.
In case anyone may not know the story, Menzel’s journey to becoming a solo artist began back while she was performing in her Tony nominated breakout Broadway debut as the original “Maureen” in Rent. While doing the show 8 times a week, she got offered a record deal with Hollywood Records. After departing RENT in 1997, Menzel went straight to work on the album. Recorded in upstate New York, she worked with some incredible musical talents, geniuses, and creators. It was produced by Milton Davis. All the songs together were written by Menzel and Davis.
STILL I CAN’T BE STILL was released on September 13th, 1998. MINUET became the only single from the album reaching #48 on Radio & Records’ CHR/Pop tracks chart. To promote the album, Idina did various performances including in-store events, singing at the Lilith Fair Music Festival, and went on tour serving as the Opening Act for Francis Dunnery. The album sadly failed to top the charts, sold less than 10,000 copies, and Menzel was dropped from Hollywood Records. The label put the album out of print.
For Menzel, she went to a moment of obscurity but still had the courage, passion, and drive to write music. She and Milton Davis continued working together for a 2nd album done independently.
However, when Idina’s career took off with her Tony winning performance as “Elphaba” in WICKED, her expanded fanbase (known as THE FANZELS) began demanding to re-release STILL I CAN’T BE STILL. Thanks to them, it was re-released in September 2005.
Today, STILL I CAN’T BE STILL is still available to download digitally. There are also physical copies on as well.
Today, Menzel has continued to perform songs from that debut album in her ongoing solo concerts around the world.
As of March 2018, STILL I CAN’T BE STILL has sold over 18,000 copies.
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This week marked the 20th Anniversary of the Off Broadway debut of Jonathan Larson‘s cult smash hit rock musical Tick, Tick, Boom….. the show that was initially developed prior before his worldwide phenomenon Rent. We have B-Roll footage below of that 2001 production. From the Jane Street Theatre, here is Raúl E. Esparza as “Jonathan:, Jerry Dixon as “Michael”, and Amy Spagner as “Susan”.
In case anyone may not be familiar with the story, TICK, TICK, BOOM is an autobiographical pop-rock opera by the late Jonathan Larson following his life long before RENT). Set in NYC in 1990, the story follows “Jonathan” (nicknamed in the musical as “Jon”) on the verge of turning 30 as he struggles to get his music out in the world and fearing that his career choice was a mistake. Notable songs include 30/90, SUNDAY, NO MORE, COME TO YOUR SENSES, & LOUDER THAN WORDS.
Larson first conceived the idea of the show in the mid-80’s following a disappointing rejection by industry who failed to produce his futuristic musical SUPERBIA (a rock retelling of the classic George Orwell novel 1984). He initially wrote it as a one man show featuring Larson and a full rock band.
The show was first performed Off-Off Broadway as a workshop produced by Second Stage Theater in the Fall of 1990 under the initial title BOHO DAYS. Following that first workshop, he revised it in a whole year before performing the new version at the Village Gate (with college pal Victoria Leacock Hoffman producing) in November 1991. The Village Gate performance won Larson the attention by a young rising producer named Jeffrey Seller who wanted to produce many of Jonathan’s shows. A few months later, Larson got the call of a lifetime with Billy Aronson to work on a new original musical that later became his groundbreaking hit…..RENT.
In 1996 following Jonathan Larson’s tragic passing from an Aortic Aneurysm and RENT’s whirlwind GLORY, Leacock- Hoffman teamed up with writer David Auburn to reconfigure TICK, TICK, BOOM. The musical was changed from being a one man show to a 3 person show (featuring the characters of “Jon”, “Michael”, and “Susan”).
The revised version of TICK, TICK, BOOM had its world premiere Off Broadway in 2001 at the Jane Street Theater for an 8 month run. Under the direction of Scott Schwartz ,and choreography by future Tony winner Christopher Gattelli, the cast featured….
Raúl E. Esparza (later Joey McIntyre) as “Jon”,
Jerry Dixon as “Michael”,
Amy Spanger (later Molly Ringwald and Natascia Diaz) as “Susan”.
The Off Broadway premiere of TICK, TICK, BOOM was nominated for 7 Drama Desk Awards (including OUTSTANDING NEW MUSICAL) in 2001. However, it lost all the categories. It did however went on to win the Outer Circle Critics Award for OUTSTANDING OFF BROADWAY MUSICAL.
Following the success of its Off Broadway run, TICK, TICK, BOOM went on to become a worldwide hit for all Jonathan Larson fans everywhere. Productions went on to be played on Tour across America, in London’s West End, and in many different countries playing their native languages.
The recent Off Broadway revival of the show happened in 2016 at the Acorn Theater at Theater Row for a limited engagement. Under the direction of Jonathan Silverstein, this cast featured…
Nick Blaemire as “Jon”,
George Salazar as “Michael”,
Ciara Renée (later Lilli Cooper) as “Susan”.
In addition to its Off Broadway run, TICK, TICK, BOOM was performed as a concert production for New York City Center Encores’ Off-Series back in 2014. The cast featured 3 of the most incredible Tony winning stars of the Great Bright Way who all later went on to a little show called Hamilton. Under the direction of Oliver Butler, the cast featured Tony winners….
Lin-Manuel Miranda as “Jon”,
Leslie Odom Jr. as “Michael”,
Karen Olivo as “Susan”.
Today, the musical has been performed everywhere from schools, community, and regional theaters everywhere.
Along with its success on stage, a film adaptation of TICK, TICK, BOOM is set to debut this holiday season!!! The new movie will be coming to Netflix later this year. With Lin-Manuel Miranda (who appeared in the Encores production) making his film directorial debut, the cast is set to star…..
Tony winner & Oscar nominee Andrew Garfield as “Jon”,
Tony nominee Robin De Jesus as “Michael”,
acclaimed singer & actress Alexandra Shipp as “Susan”.
The film will also feature several new characters inspired by real life people in Jonathan’s life. Additional casting will include…..
acclaimed screen & stage star Vanessa Hudgens as “Karessa Johnson”,
Tony nominee Joshua Henry as “Roger”,
Tony & Emmy winner Judith Light as “Rosa Stevens”,
Production on the film began early in 2020 before being abruptly shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic back in March 2020. With safety protocols underway, the new film resumed production later this past Fall 2020.
We cannot wait for this new film which is very relatable with artists struggling wanting to make it and how society can turn people down.
Any TICK, TICK, BOOM fans out there?

NEW YORK THEATRE WORKSHOP announced both 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 seasons of new shows

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A few days ago, the acclaimed New York Theatre Workshop has officially announced its return to Live Theater performances It has revealed upcoming shows for BOTH its 2021-2022 and its 2022-2023 seasons. What an unforgettable lineup of exciting new original works set to make its debut of this unforgettable stage known for launching some of the hottest shows we know today.
The 2021-2022 season will kick off this August with the world premiere of Obie Award winner Whitney White’s filmed / theatrical experience SEMBLANCE. This unique experience centers on the perception of Black women, presented both virtually and as an immersive installation.
From there, other upcoming productions in the 2021-2022 season will include…..
the return of Pulitzer Prize winner’s Martyna Majok’s 2-person play SANCTUARY CITY. This production has rescheduled the launch of its run after being abruptly being shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic…. just 8 PREVIEWS. The play is now set to reopen this September. Under the direction of Rebecca Frecknall, it tells the tale of 2 teenage children of undocumented immigrants as they fight to establish a place for themselves in America.
Kristina Wong’s new original play A NEW PROJECT. This was a show that was created by Wong while being at home in Quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s expecting to debut this Fall as well. Under the direction of Chay Yew, its a powerful play all about building that connection with community even during isolation.
Obie Award winner Aleshea Harris’s new play ON SUGARLAND. This show will debut early in 2022. Directed by Whitney White, the play is a spiritual and inspirational experience that brings joyous life to communal healing,
the 2021-2022 season will conclude with the world premiere of Somi Kakoma’s new play DREAMING ZENZILE. That will debut in the Spring of 2022. Under the direction of Lileana Blain-Cruz, the play follows on the life of celebrated South African musical legend and activist Miriam Makeba.
The 2021-2022 season will also be a very bittersweet and emotional time for everyone at New York Theatre Workshop. It will mark as the final season for its longtime artistic director James C. Nicola who will retire after 34 YEARS. This Gentleman has overseen many of NYTW’s legendary productions that have gone on to become Award winning hot tickets ON Broadway including Rent. Once, Peter and the Starcatcher, Hadestown. and the upcoming Sing Street.
There’s so much more people! We are now talking about the show’s that will debut for the 2022-2023 season at New York Theatre Workshop.
The 2022-2023 season will kick off with Tony winner Sam Gold and Clare Barron’s new production of Anton Chekhov’s classic play THREE SISTERS. This production was set to debut in 2020. However, it was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown. No word has been said if the company from that initial run is set to continue. The play of course centers on Three Sisters discovering the ups and downs of life.
From there, the other shows of the 2022-2023 season will include….
Victor I. Cazares’s new play AMERICAN (TELE)VISIONS. Under the direction of Rubén Polendo, the show takes place at a Wal-Mart. It’s a multimedia memory play about an undocumented Mexican family,
Liliana Padilla’s new play HOW TO DEFEND YOURSELF. This is a very powerful quadruple co-directed by Tony winner Rachel Chavkin along with Padilla & Steph Paul. It centers on a group of college students channeling their emotions through a self-defense class after a fellow student gets raped,
and finally
The 2022-2023 season will conclude with Inua Ellams’s new one man show THE HALF GOD OF RAINFALL. The play centers on the life of that is a hero, half Nigerian mortal, and half Greek god.
We are so happy and excited to welcome back our friends at New York Theatre Workshop. Gonna be the ultimate celebration of new works as we bring New York Theater back to the GLORY that it always has been.
For many of you who have taken our walking tours, our INSPIRATION OF RENT Walking Tours starts off in front of the New York Theatre Workshop. Cannot wait to visit our friends there again later this year.
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TICK, TICK, BOOM film trailer released!!!

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THE MOVIE MUSICALS ARE BACK!!! Along with today’s release of the highly anticipated film adaptation of the Tony and Grammy winning smash hit In The Heights, Lin-Manuel Miranda also debuted a trailer of another exciting Musical film project he worked on coming out later this year…… The film adaptation of Jonathan Larson‘s cult smash hit musical Tick, Tick, Boom.
For Miranda, this new movie musical will mark his film directorial debut. He’s also no stranger to this show after having previously appearing in the 2014 New York City Center Encores Production.
The film adaptation of TICK, TICK, BOOM will feature a full all-star cast from the worlds of stage and screen. Along with Miranda directing, distributed by Netflix, produced by Miranda, Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, and Imagine Entertainment, & an updated screenplay by Tony winner Steven Levenson, the cast will star….
Tony winner & Oscar nominee Andrew Garfield as “Jon”,
acclaimed singer & actress Alexandra Shipp as “Susan”,
acclaimed screen & stage star Vanessa Hudgens as “Karessa Johnson”,
Tony nominee Robin De Jesus as “Michael”,
Tony nominee Joshua Henryas “Roger”,
Tony & Emmy winner Judith Light as “Rosa Stevens”,
TICK, TICK, BOOM will be released on Netflix this Fall 2021!!
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